HANIL presented Vormvrij's 3d clay printing machine at the 2017 craft exhibition in South Korea.

Coincidentally, we got a booth next to a traditional ceramics craftsman.

So we could see a lot of people's interest in the traditional methods and the new technologies.

We heard many people concerned at this exhibition about 3D Clay printing machinery invading human realms.

But our thoughts are different. Ceramic ware such as pottery and porcelain are important not only for clay but also for glaze and calcination.

So it is possible to implement unique and creative designs that were not created by human hands.


It shows the possibility of expanding rather than invading existing areas.


Of course, it is not perfect yet, but we are trilled by the idea that someday we will make a wonderful product through continuous development.


We are grateful to the vormvrij company and staff for this opportunity.